Nomination for Election to EISA Board


You can cast your vote by clicking here. The ballot will be open between 8–19 April 2019.

I have been an active member of the EISA community since 2014 and would like to further serve and contribute to the Association as a board member. Thanks to the excellent work of the current and former presidents, board members—as well as PEC programme chairs, and EWIS, symposia and academy convenors—EISA has become a truly pluralist and inclusive space for International Studies scholars. I regard the Association as my primary professional home, and am committed to further developing it as a rich resource for the global International Studies community.

I have assumed several organisational roles within the association. In 2017, I acted as programme co-chair for the 11th Pan-European Conference with EISA President Dr Victoria Basham. I organised sections, roundtables and panels at PECs in Sicily, Barcelona and Prague, as well as an EWIS workshop in 2017.

If elected, I will focus my time and efforts on the following areas:

Enhancing the mobility fund

EISA’s mobility fund is a key component of the Association’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Given the declining sources of funding available for PhD students and early career researchers, as well as the increasing rates of casualisation and precarity among teaching and research staff, it is imperative for the Association to take proactive measures and ensure the future of the fund. As a board member, I will seek additional funding and partnership opportunities with external bodies (e.g. research councils) to enhance the scope of the fund, particularly for PhDs, ECRs, colleagues on precarious contracts, scholars from the global South and from under-represented groups.

Building stronger bridges with the International Studies communities in the global South

Since 2013, EISA has become a decisively more global organisation and succeeded in becoming an attractive option for International Studies scholars beyond Europe. Furthermore, the Association has consistently extended its symbolic and material solidarity to the beleaguered academic communities in the global South. As a Turkish scholar, the Association’s principled stand on these issues is extremely important for me. If elected, I would like to further strengthen the Association’s visibility beyond the European International Studies community. I will do so by, first, bolstering our outreach efforts (via collaborations with conferences and workshops taking place in the global South), and, second, by specifically inviting and targeting scholars from the global South to EISA events. These appearances can be hosted either as part of the PECs and EWIS or, if possible, as standalone events organised on an ad hoc basis.

Revitalising EISA’s online presence

While the Association has taken important steps in recent years to upgrade its web presence—particularly with the preparation of the new conference website infrastructure—there is still scope to strengthen its online platforms and its visibility. As a board member, I will work closely with our partners C-IN to enhance the Association’s online presence. My primary aim is to develop a new online platform for the Association, which will integrate the conference and workshop pages into the main EISA website. This reorganisation will not only offer a more accessible and user-friendly experience for EISA members, but it will also solve our ongoing content archiving issues, which affect the previous editions of the conference (e.g. None of the pre-2018 PEC websites or conference programmes are available online on EISA pages).

Thanks for considering my nomination.

Dr Cemal Burak Tansel