Authoritarian Neoliberalism: Philosophies, Practices, Contestations

This special issue is the third collective output I edited as part of my project on authoritarian neoliberalism. Many of the contributions were originally submitted to the EISA 2016 section on authoritarian neoliberalism, which was organised by Ian Bruff and myself. In addition to our joint contribution, the issue also features articles by Kathryn Starnes, Mareike Beck & Julian Germann, Graham Harrison, Nadine Kreitmeyr, Alke Jenss, Adriano Cozzolino and Angela Wigger.

Decoding the Repertoires of Authoritarian Neoliberalism in Turkey

Special issue featuring articles by Sümercan Bozkurt-Güngen, Bilge Yeşil, Ali Bilgiç, Özlem Kaygusuz and myself. You can read a blog post about the special issue here. SESP Plus also hosts a landing page, which includes open access links. A brief Twitter thread about the rationale and main contributions of the special issue can be found below. Why did Turkey's much-lauded trajectory of democratisation take a U-turn after 2011-2013? Our new @sesp_j special issue historicises Turkey's "authoritarian turn" & highlights the need to understand democratic backsliding in conjunction with neoliberalism https://t.

Revolution and Counter-revolution in Egypt: Debating Gramsci on Tahrir

Following a lively debate at a PSA roundtable on Brecht De Smet’s Gramsci on Tahrir, we decided to publish the conference proceedings as a symposium. This collection brings together contributions from Anne Alexander & Sameh Naguib, Roberto Roccu, Sara Salem and myself, and includes a rejoinder by Brecht De Smet. How can historical materialism help us reassess the trajectory of the Arab uprisings? We discuss the role of revolutionary theory in our @ROAPEjournal symposium: https://t.