Authoritarian Neoliberalism: Trajectories of Knowledge Production and Praxis

This introduction to the special issue takes as its point of departure three centres of gravity that have shaped the study of neoliberalism but have also established barriers to further progress in these debates. By promoting an intersectional …

Introduction: Revolution and Counter-revolution in Egypt

This introduction to the *ROAPE* [debate](/publication/2018-roape-si) reasserts the centrality of revolutionary theory to understand the dynamics of social and political struggles in contemporary Middle East and North Africa. Framed around the …

Passive Revolutions and the Dynamics of Social Change in the Peripheries

My contribution to the [debate](/publication/2018-roape-si) dissects the concept of passive revolution and highlights the significance of understanding passive revolutions as concrete historical episodes of mobilisation and state formation.

The Politics of Contemporary Capitalism in Turkey (and the Politics of its Interlocutors)

Breaking the Eurocentric Cage