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My research is concerned broadly with the political economy of development in the global South. Specifically, I investigate how states and indigenous social forces produce, manage, and contest ‘development’ projects in the Middle East and North Africa. My earlier archival research on the historical sociology of capitalist development explored this puzzle by documenting how nation-state building projects were shaped not only by the expansion of the capitalist world market and ‘great power imperialism’, but also by the changing forms of domestic property and class relations in the fin de siècle Middle East.

Most recently, I completed a multi-year project on authoritarian neoliberalism in the Middle East, whereby I mapped out the ways in which economic liberalisation policies in Turkey and Egypt have strengthened authoritarian rule. I documented that the two states have increasingly relied on ‘executive centralisation’, and on coercive state apparatuses to marginalise popular mobilisations and socio-economic grievances produced by liberalisation policies.

My current focus is on investigating the subaltern politics of energy transitions and infrastructure development in the Middle East and North Africa, and mapping out the ways in which state-led climate ‘adaptation’ strategies are resisted by grassroots actors.


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Special Issues & Symposia

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Review Articles & Symposium Contributions

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Book Chapters

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Essays & Commentary

2021‘Theorising “the International” with Historical Materialism.’ Progress in Political Economy (1 April).
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Policy Reports

2023The UK’s Response to the SDGs in 2023. Bond International. With Kipp Mann Benn, John Davies, Neil Gumbs, Gabrielle Joyce, Graham Long, and Ayush Poolovadoo.